We sell all the cheeses we stock to restaurants and shops, and have a wholesale price list for those companies who buy from us on a regular basis. We remind new customers, however, that cheese does not sell itself from a printed menu or cold counter. None of our cheeses are vac-packed; they have natural rinds and each piece is cut to order when properly ripe. It needs to be sold sooner rather than later. This works best if there is at least one cheese crazy person in your organisation, someone willing to invest time in looking after the cheese and enthusing everyone else. Ideally our cheeses should be purchased in small amounts, regularly.

Direct Import Cheese

British cheeses from Neal’s Yard Dairy & Swiss cheeses from KaseSwiss

For the past 15 years we have imported Farmhouse Cheese from Neal’s Yard Dairy in London and Rachel Sills (KaseSwiss) in Switzerland. These folks are skilled cheesemongers who source magnificent cheese and sell it in perfect condition. We have a Distributor price for customers taking large quantities of these cheeses.

Please contact Sarah cheese@cheesemongers.co.nz for anything to do with Wholesale or Direct Import cheese.