• Sourdough every day. Most interesting bread we make. Slow fermented, organic wholeweat and white stoneground starter, crusty and properly brown. Tin loaves, oven bottomers and baguettes. Eat anytime with anything!
  • Ciabatta every day. Light and airy with a soft crust. Long loaves and rolls, for cheese sandwiches, dunking into soup and mopping up sauces and dips.
  • White Farmhouse Tin Saturday. Simple white tin loaf. Long overnight prove, perfect for cheese and bacon sandwiches and beans on toast.
  • Traditional Baguette Friday. Properly fermented, using soft NZ flours to imitate classic French T55 flour. Baked dark, they are crunchy with a creamy open texture. Eat simply with cheese and preserves.

Other baked goods