Our bakery is small but perfectly formed, the sort of place every neighbourhood should have. Using two ageing ovens, a small spiral mixer and a workspace, not much bigger than a home kitchen, we produce properly fermented bread, cheese straws, pork pies, and Eccles cakes.

The breads are simple and flavourful. Each takes a long time to make using little or no yeast, long fermentation times and good flour. They are chewy, properly browned and taste of wheat and rye.

Our other baking uses local hand crafted butter, free range eggs and is inspired by cheese: flaky cheese straws to use up odds and ends from the cheese room and Eccles cakes to go with Lancashire or Wensleydale.

We don’t bake a huge amount, so it is worth phoning or emailing a pre-order, particularly on busy days.

Other baked goods