About Canterbury Cheesemongers

Cheesemongers are people who buy and sell cheese.
They maintain an important link between cheese makers and customers feeding information back and forth about flavour and texture, about make and seasonality. The best ones also take on the task of storing and looking after cheese so that it can be sold when just right.

We began selling cheese from the back of a French Simca van at the Christchurch Arts Centre and Riccarton markets in 2000. It started as a part time venture, and we stored and matured cheese in a large shipping container parked in our back garden. In 2002 we opened our first shop and bakery on Salisbury St. This was demolished following the September 2010 earthquake and we re-opened, four months later, in premises located in the Arts Centre, central Christchurch.

We learned all about cheese while working at Neal’s Yard Dairy in London. They were established in Covent Garden in 1979, and began by making yoghurt and soft cheeses.
When we were there, they had become the shop window for the best handmade British and Irish Farmhouse cheeses and in so doing had played a huge part in rescuing traditional territorial cheeses from a decline, begun during the 2nd World War and accelerated with the growth of supermarkets  and mass produced foods in the 70’s.


The Cheesemongers were set up by Sarah and Martin Aspinwall and since opening there have been lots of talented cheesemongers and bakers working behind the counter. At present you will find the following:

Sarah Aspinwall
Martin Aspinwall
Lisa Drace
Raisa Barnes
Emma Bunce
Violet French
Michael Smith
Jamie Stevenson
Jess Aspinwall
Tom Aspinwall
Owner, Cheesemonger, Trade Sales, Admin and Accounts
Owner, Cheesemonger and Baker
Baker and Cheesemonger
Baker and Cheesemonger (on Maternity Leave)
Cheesemonger and Baker
Cheesemonger and Baker
Baker and Cheesemonger
Part time Cheesemonger
Part-time Barista/Dishwasher
Part-time Barista/Dishwasher